If you put the trust in me to moderate your program or event, I will give you full engagement and it does not matter if in a smaller and more exclusive setting or on the big stage.

My interview guests tell me that they do not worry about being on stage when they are with me. That makes me very happy and has a reason: before we go on stage, we practice together and then the stage is no longer scary, but even fun. They can shine beside me.

People feel safe on stage with me and that comes from my true interest in the person and the story. I create a stage that allows my interviewees to shine with their message. During an event on stage I conduct a preliminary discussion with all participants and keep the red thread going during the whole event.

Give me a microphone and I feel at home. In the the so called open living room, I bring together your audience and your interview guests. In a relaxed atmosphere, everyone can show their best side.

To get an impression of my previous projects, I have put together a few videos and photos. In addition, here is a link to some of my latest work for Yachting international Radio:

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Green Luxury

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Climate week Hamburg

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